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Le Cordon Bleu

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Founded in Paris in 1895, Le Cordon Bleu currently boasts 40 schools across five continents, and is recognized as the world leader in gastronomy, hospitality and management education72.

Le Cordon Bleu graduates are highly desired in their respective fields and many go on to exciting careers in leading hotels, restaurants and resorts throughout the world.

With new campuses opening year, the opportunities for aspiring students to reach the pinnacle of the hospitality industry increase every day, and we are so proud of this legacy.

Why Le Cordon Bleu?

  • Gain an internationally recognized qualification
    With Schools across the globe, Le Cordon Bleu is a name that is recognized the world over, providing our graduates with the competitive advantage of truly international qualification,
  • Learn from some of the world’s most talented hospitality educators
    At Le Cordon Bleu, we pride ourselves on employing educators who are at the top of their field, to ensure the education our students receive is not only state-of-the-art, but of the highest quality possible.
  • Open the door to an international career
    If you dream of being able to travel the world with your career, then our qualifications can help you open the door of respected hospitality establishments around the world.
  • Academic material developed exclusively by experts in their field
    Our academic material is developed in-house by our own expert educators, giving our students exclusive, well-researched and practical knowledge that is available nowhere else.
  • Create an international network of contacts
    Le Cordon Bleu welcomes students from over 70 different countries, as well as lasting relationship with hotels and restaurants around the globe, giving you an instant worldwide network of hospitality professionals.
  • Gain industry experience with practical application of your education
    To prepare our students for the workplace, Le Cordon Bleu believes it is vital to gain practical experience in the workplace as part of your education. That is why industry placement is an essential element of Le Cordon Bleu courses.
  • Choose from campuses across the world
    Students who choose to study with Le Cordon Bleu have the choice of 40 different schools across the globe to complete their culinary arts education, from Sydney to Paris to London to Tokyo and more.
  • Choose from a range of education options, from Diplomas to Degrees to Master’s
    Our expertise in the fields of cuisine, hotel and restaurant management and gastronomy, has meant we are able to offer education at every level, from Diplomas to Master Degrees.
  • Benefit from over 100 years of experience and learning
    Le Cordon Bleu was founded in 1895 in Paris, and since that day, we have worked hard to become the world’s leading provider of culinary arts education, bringing over a century of experience and knowledge to every course.
  • Join a global alumni base of Le Cordon Bleu graduates
    At Le Cordon Bleu, your association with our school doesn’t stop at your graduation, we have a rapidly expanding network of our alumni spread across the world, ready to connect and support each other.

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