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At Murdoch University, we have more than 19,000 students and 2400 staff, including more than 3000 international students from about 100 different countries. That’s more than 18,000 unique stories, backgrounds and ways of thinking that help us to make a difference in the wo72rld

In Western Australia, our South Street campus has a range of facilities including a comprehensive vet hospital (with WA’s only equine operating theatres), engineering pilot plant, a chiropractic clinic, Media Arts centre with state of the art TV and radio studios, newsrooms and editing suites and more. In addition to innovative programs, Murdoch provides a flexible degree structure that allows you to tailor your course to suit your specific needs. Importantly, we provide an education that encourages you to think independently and critically and that is designed to foster those qualities of imagination and independence of mind on which professional and personal development depend.
Murdoch is recognised as one of Australia’s leading research institutions, as more industries place their belief and resources into our projects to provide our research candidates and scientists with the opportunity to make amazing discoveries. Murdoch is a member of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) grouping. IRU is a network of universities committed to conducting research of national and international standing and applying their collective expert knowledge, capabilities and resources to enhance the outcomes of higher education.

Education at Murdoch is about creating opportunities for your future. Our admissions policy provides alternative entry pathways for students from non traditional academic backgrounds. Among these is the Murdoch University Preparation Course (MUPC) offered through the Murdoch Institute of Technology, based at the South Street campus. This program is designed to prepare students for direct entry into our wide range of undergraduate courses.

So, why choose Murdoch University?

Murdoch is a place where free thinking is welcomed and encouraged. We take a genuine interest in our students and want you to succeed. At Murdoch, we offer a variety of courses that are catered to suit your passion. We believe that every student should be able to learn what they want and have an interest in.

High quality student services and facilities

Murdoch provides excellent student services for international students. Among these are an intensive Orientation program, International Student Advisers who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accommodation assistance, social functions and access to English language skills and support.

Murdoch University provides many services for all students, including a Worship Centre for all religious denominations, catering facilities that attend to special dietary needs, a University Health Service, a Child Care Centre, computing facilities, sport and recreation facilities, banking and an extensive library.

Award-winning teaching facilities

Murdoch University has purpose built teaching facilities on campus such as:

  • Purpose built $3.7M Law Building, including electronic Moot Court and Law Clinic. In its first five graduating classes Murdoch Law School produced a Rhodes scholar, a Fullbright scholar, a Lionel Murphy scholar and several winners of the Rotary Graduate Fellowship
  • Murdoch University is one of only four educational institutions in the world to have a state-of-the art engineering pilot plant.
  • Murdoch University’s Veterinary Science course was the first veterinary course in Australia to achieve American Veterinary Medical Association accreditation. The University also hosts a Veterinary Hospital, 24hr clinic and is the only university in Australia with a large animal farm on campus.
  • Murdoch is home to a state-of-the-art Media Arts Centre, which boasts facilities such as two digital TV studios, a News Room, a Print Journalism Space, Radio Studios, video edit suites, recording studios, surround sound suites and much more.
  • Murdoch University is home to the Research Institute for Sustainable Energy including an outdoor test area and research laboratory – Australia’s first NATA accredited facility for performance testing of inverters.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Include:

Creative Technologies and Media

Games Art & Design, Gender & Cultural Studies, Journalism, Public Relations, Screen Production, Online Communication & Management, Computer Science, Cyberforensics Information Security & Management, Internetworking & Security, Media Production.

Arts and Education

Early Childhood & Primary Education, Primary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education, Asia Studies, Community Development, Creative Arts, Politics & International Studies, Sociology, Theology, Tourism, Ethics, Security Terrorism & Counterterrorism.

Health Sciences

Biomedical Science, Animal Science, Veterinary Sciences, Conservation Medicine, Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Sport and Health Science, Nursing, Psychology, Applied Psychology, Counselling.

Public Policy and International Affairs

Public Policy and Management, International Affairs, Development Studies

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