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Studying and Living in Singapore

Singapore has been assessed as one of the world’s safest places to live in with its low crime rate, political stability and peaceful people. It is a vibrant place with a strong tourist industry and organized facilities. Students have an array of cuisines, consumer brands to choose from that is suitable all pockets.

Getting Around

Singapore has one of the most efficient, affordable and user friendly transport systems in the world. There are organized systems where people need to form an orderly queue for utilizing the transport services.
There are buses, Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) and taxis to take you to your destination. The MRT network covers the entire city with the train stations strategically located near malls, offices and other public places for easy access. Taxis are plentiful in Singapore and it is easy to hail one at a taxi stand or book on the telephone. Similarly bus stops are within easy access anywhere in Singapore.
Driving in Singapore can be very expensive. Since it is a small country with limited space the Government has limited the number of private owned cars. A permit is required to own a car in Singapore. These permits are quite expensive and one ends up with a car which is three times its actual value.


It is a smart card used for payment of fares for public transport in Singapore. The card reader will automatically deduct exact fares when you board a train or a bus. You can get more information on www.ezlink.com.sg


There are several accommodation options available to students. The institutions will help in organizing the accommodation for you which could be in private apartments or halls of residence.
Students can consider private hostel or renting private housing options like – landed property, apartments, condominiums and serviced apartments. A more affordable option in this category is to rent privately from tenants of Housing Development Board (HDB) flats.
An HDB is a government body providing subsidized and affordable homes of high quality to 84% of Singapore’s population.

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