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Cost of Studying in Ireland

The cost of studying in the Ireland is determined by the tuition fees of your course and whether you wish to study in the capital city of Dublin or outside in another city.

Tuition fees vary depending on the course you have applied to study.

Undergraduate fees ranges from  €9,100 to €20,300

Average PG fees ranges from  €9,150 to €20,000

MBA fees can range upto €30,000.

The cost of living (inclusive of accommodation, food, travel, books etc) varies depending on your own particular lifestyle. Please make sure to account for the entire living costs and tuition fees and do not assume that you can earn some money doing part-time jobs. Part-time jobs can probably only fetch a part of your expenses and when you are filing for your visas, authorities need to see your entire expenses for 1 year accounted for.


Dublin City is considered to be more expensive than other parts of Ireland to live. Dublin is followed by Cork, Galway and Limerick in terms of cost of living. The average monthly expenses are listed below:

Rent in shared house/flat€ 500

Light/heat/power € 60

Food€ 300

Monthly commuter ticket€ 80

Books and other academic costs€ 100

Clothes, laundry, medical, etc.€ 70

Social life€ 180

Total€ 1,290

You will be able to save if you share a room with someone in the private sector. You can live far cheaper than this if you are willing to curb your lifestyle and share costs.

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